1What is My Panic Button?

My Panic Button is an emergency alert system designed to keep you safe wherever you or your loved ones go. The system includes a Help Button that signals the My Panic Button app on your iPhone or Android smartphone that includes Bluetooth 4.0.

The My Panic Button app sends a text help message along with your current GPS location to one or more pre-selected friends or relatives (five max). The help message and updated GPS location generated by your smartphone are repeatedly broadcast until help arrives or the user turns off the alarm.

2Where can I use My Panic Button?

My Panic Button provides protection everywhere you go nationwide: shopping, at the gym, traveling with the family, wherever you take your smartphone.

3How does the emergency alert system work?
  • Press and hold your Help Button for at least 2 seconds.
  • The Help Button will alternately flash red and green. .
  • The My Panic Button app on your phone will instantly send an SMS/text message along with your GPS location to all the contacts you’ve selected during setup.
  • The My Panic Button app will continue sending the text message and updated GPS location once every 2 minutes for the first 6 minutes, once every 15 minutes for the next 60 minutes, then once an hour.
  • When you cancel the alert in the My Panic Button app, the app will stop sending text messages and the Help Button will stop flashing .
  • If the button does not start flashing, the system is not enabled and ready. Check the app status and try again.
4Are there any ongoing monthly charges for the use of My Panic Button?

The basic out-of-the-box Help Button and My Panic Button app have no monthly fees. If the user elects to sign up for additional optional services, specific monthly fees will apply.

5Can My Panic Button be used while roaming?

Yes, you can summon help while roaming but your phone must have an active data plan.

6Can I send an emergency alert directly from the app?

No, alerts can only be sent using the Help Button connected to the app.

7Can I send an emergency alert if my phone is not connected to cellular service or Wi-Fi?

No, an alert can only be sent if your phone is connected to cellular service or Wi_Fi.

8Can My Panic Button be used outside the U.S.?

No, all contact numbers must be within the 50 states and District of Columbia.

9Can I wear my Help Button in the shower?

Yes, the Help Button is water resistant and can be worn in the shower. It is not waterproof and should not be submerged under water.

10Will My Panic Button work with my smartphone?

My Panic Button works on the iPhone 4S/iOS7 and higher and smartphones using Android™ 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0.

11How accurate is the GPS information?

GPS location is most accurate when you are outdoors and can capture a signal from GPS satellites. Under ideal conditions, e.g. outdoors with an unobstructed view of the sky, it can be within 10 meters.

12How far can the Help Button be from my smartphone?

Operating range varies with the power of your phone’s Bluetooth transmitter and local conditions. Generally speaking it up to 30’ indoors and 100’ outdoors. It’s important to test your particular phone to determine a more precise range.

13How many emergency contacts can I have?

You can have up to 5 contacts. These contacts must have cell phones (feature or smartphones) to receive SMS text messages.

14How many Help Buttons can I have connected to my smartphone?

You can have one Help Button connected to your phone at any one time.

15How do I prepare my smartphone to use My Panic Button?
  • Your smartphone must include a data service plan.
  • Your phone must include Bluetooth 4.0 and it must be turned ON.
  • Location services must be active and on.
  • The My Panic Button app must be installed and running on your phone.
  • Your Help Button must be linked and connected to your phone.
  • Your contacts’ mobile phone numbers are required to receive SMS/text messages. Don’t include contacts’ land line numbers.
  • Keep your phone ringer on to insure you will hear all audio alerts.
  • You must keep the Help Button in close proximity to your phone.
  • If you update your phone’s operating system, you need to re-launch the My Panic Button app and test it to ensure proper operation.
16Where do I find the My Panic Button app?

You can search for the app in the App store for iPhones and the Google Play store for Android phones. Then download, install, open the app and follow the setup instructions.

17How do I link my Help Button with my smartphone?
  • Make sure Bluetooth is active (ON) on your phone.
  • Launch the My Panic Button app and use the built-in wizard to walk you through the setup process which includes linking your Help Button.
  • Your smartphone will then connect to your Help Button and the app will let you know it’s linked.
18What do I do if I don't receive a verification code during app setup?

First check your text messages for your verification code. If you don't find the verification code in your text messages, return to the app setup wizard and re-enter your phone's mobile number to ensure you entered the correct number.

19How do I know if my Help Button is in or out of range from my phone?

Your Help Button is out of range if you see the red LED regularly flashing. Bring the button within Bluetooth range again. The red LED will stop flashing. Please test your system to be sure it's working properly.

20Why did my emergency contact(s) not receive my test and/or emergency message?

First make sure your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on and Airplane mode is off. Make sure you press your Help Button for at least 2 seconds. Verify you have entered your contacts' mobile numbers, not land lines. Check to be sure your contact(s) are able to receive SMS text messages.

21What is the battery life of the Help Button?

Typical battery life of the Help Button is up to six months. However, frequent use will shorten battery life. Also, if the button is out of range, it will continue to contact the phone in an attempt to connect. This action will run the battery down faster.

22How do I check the battery level of the Help Button?

You can check the battery level in the "Help Button" setting section of the app. The Help Button must be linked and connected to the app to check the battery level.

23What do I do when I receive a low battery alert?

You should change the battery shortly after receiving this notice to ensure continued operation of your system. It can be easily replaced by the user. Simply follow the included instructions or watch our battery change video (see Usage Videos).

24How can I change the battery of the Help Button?

The Help Button uses a standard CR2032 battery available in most hardware and convenience stores. It can be easily replaced by the user. Simply follow the included instructions or watch our battery change video (see Usage Videos).

25Can I choose a particular alarm sound on my phone when the Help Button is pressed?

Yes, you’ll find a choice of sounds in the Systems Setting/Sounds section of your app.

26Can I choose a particular sound on my phone to alert me that the Help Button is out of range?

Yes, you’ll find a choice of sounds in the Systems Setting/Sound section of your app.

27How do I turn off the call for help?

Simply open the My Panic Button app and press the "Cancel Alarm" button.

28What do I do if I accidentally send an emergency alert?

First tap "Cancel" on the app to stop the alert, then contact your emergency contacts to let them know the alert was accidental.

29What should I do if the Contact List search can't find a name I know is there?

First, make sure your contact's phone number is categorized as a mobile number, not a home or work number. On iOS, make sure access to your contact list is enabled - from your home screen, go to Settings / My Panic Button, then confirm Contacts access is enabled.

30How do I delete an emergency contact?

Open the Contacts screen (under System Settings) then swipe the contact item from right to left to expose the Delete button.

31Why do I need to provide my name and mobile phone number in the personal info section?

Your name and number are needed to identify you to your contacts when you send your emergency text messages.

32Why is part of the screen within the app is hidden?

To fully view the screen, set your phone's font size to medium or the default option.

33Do I need to keep My Panic Button running on my phone in order to send alerts?

Yes, the My Panic Button must be open and running in the background to send alerts to your emergency contacts.

34How do I wake up my Help Button?

When you first receive your Help Button, you must wake it up. Simply press the button 5 times within 3 seconds. The button's LED will flash green once and then flash red every few seconds. You only need to wake up the Help Button once.

35Does my Help Button contain latex?

No, the product does not contain latex.